Sulmara Subsea is an independent leading provider of innovative survey and inspection services to the offshore energy sector.

Sulmara: what it means

In ancient times, sailors and navigators placed the shape of an eye on the bow of the ship, as a good luck charm for safe passage. In Ireland, this sea eye is written as Súl mhara, a derivation of which gives Sulmara, describing a direct relationship between the sea and the eye that navigates a safe course on our journey.

Operating globally and with a focus on driving efficiency through adoption of new technology and methodology towards a net zero carbon future.

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Our core values

At Sulmara we are determined to be at the forefront of shaping the offshore energy sector towards a more sustainable net zero future.

We pay close attention to the impact we have on our environment and have a strong sense of responsibility in reducing any impact where possible. Our ambition is to move towards a net zero business model, and we see this going hand in hand with our goals in bringing remote and autonomous technology to market.

In 2020 we signed up with South Pole, a global environmental offsetting organisation who align closely with Sulmara’s core environmental ambitions. This relationship allows us to offset our impact on the environment where we cannot mitigate by use of technology or methodology.

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Meet the team

As a services provider, we recognise the importance of having talent in the business to drive growth and innovation. We have worked hard to create an environment where our team are empowered to challenge and improve every aspect of our operations and this is the cornerstone of our unique offering to the market.

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