Real-Time Charting for Trenching, a step change for industry-wide trenching deliverables

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Sulmara Subsea




12 Months


Sulmara Subsea in-house reporting toolkit

Key Points

Taking a fresh approach to processing and representing trenching deliverables based on a 4 panel chart view

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In our drive to improve, Sulmara Subsea personnel identified that the standard industry deliverables fell markedly short of what was achievable using in-house knowledge to its full potential.  As such, Sulmara Subsea decided to set a new standard for “as-built” charting and deliverables.  Typically, survey contractors deliver data in the form of standard excel graphs for interim trenching data. Often the data presented is from multiple sources, all of which needs to be presented in a way that allows the easy identification of trends and correlations for the trenching team to evaluate the results.  This is time consuming and requires significant amount of man hours to provide the data.


Sulmara Subsea’s in-house developers have built an automated solution that is able to present data which is more readable and meets a higher presentational standard. These in-house tools also deliver data in a fraction of the time typically needed to build a spreadsheet full of chart, and with fewer persons involved.


This has the potential to allow rapid analysis of trencher performance thus facilitating rapid decision-making and better targeting of remedial works. It also leads to a reduced headcount on vessels as reporting routines become more streamlined.

“ Data handling and presentation methods are ever changing as the world accepts new ideas. Our team are continually developing, faster and more efficient methods of automated processing to inform our clients about the condition of their assets.”
Kevin McBarron
CEO, Sulmara