Subsea Specialist Blazes a Carbon Free Trail

An up-and-coming name in the subsea survey industry has marked its second anniversary with an environmental first for the sector.

Sulmara Subsea, which was founded in 2019, is believed to be the first company in its sector to fully offset its carbon emissions in line with the company’s carbon neutrality ambition.  The move followed an extensive assessment of the carbon footprint from all of Sulmara’s operations in 2020 including flights and freight, as well as the individual carbon footprint of every member of staff.

Coming it at just under 1,000 tonnes of CO₂ impact in 2020, Sulmara then engaged with South Pole – Swiss Climate Solutions Consultancy and Climate Action Projects developer – and purchased Verra and Gold Standard carbon credits to offset 1,000 tonnes of CO₂ impact for 2020. Following an employee vote, the carbon credits were invested in conservation and community projects in Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Rwanda and Cambodia.

Whilst ambitious international growth, particularly in the renewables sector, is likely to see the global workforce double this year, that will be achieved in parallel with a continued focus on growing market share through low carbon technology services.

"We are demonstrating that business growth and doing the right thing, especially environmentally, do not need to be incompatible. From the beginning, our company ethos has been one of innovation aligned with a lower-carbon footprint offering when compared to traditional methods of delivery. Our strategy is proving that the two are able to successfully co-exist by using smart technology and innovative solutions, reducing project delivery costs, adding value and producing strong results for our growing client base.”
Kevin McBarron
CEO , Sulmara Subsea

Sulmara Subsea provides highly specialised survey support services, including remote and autonomous solutions across the offshore energy sector globally. With corporate headquarters in Glasgow, the company also operates from regional hubs in Aberdeen, Houston and Singapore.

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